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There's jaunty, and then there's the game-ending, back-shattering slam dunk of jaunty, the Piaggio Vespa 946 Ricodo Italiano scooter.

His movies surprise us in every way: there are these who like his movies and those who hate them.

It all started in 1945 in Buňol, Valencia, with a simple disagreement. During the gigantes y cabezudos parade, a small fight broke out. Push came to shove and then somebody started throwing tomatoes from nearby stall…. For 12 years the legendary battle every year on the same day ended in detentions. Eventually  La Tomatina was officially recognized by the mayor, and since 1980 the city authorities have even provided the ammunition.

For many - wonderful place to visit.
Discover France in an unusual way, choosing the rocky hills of rustic provence over the plush Parisian galleries as the gateway.

In Norway, in Sonkajrvi 4 to 5th July strange things happen. The rules of the Wife-Carrying Championship are simple: the fastest contestant to carry his better half over the 253,5 meter -long obstacle course wins his wife's weight in beer. Changing your grip is not permitted during the race, while contestants who fail to demonstrate sufficient enthusiasm may also be disqualified. Interestingly, the 'wife' doesn't have to be married, but must weigh over 49 kg and be over 17. The event climaxes with a spectacular relay race, which require contestants to pass their "wife" instead of a baton.

Projekt POIG.01.04.00-30-196/12

Tytuł projektu: Zbudowanie prototypu innowacyjnego systemu rekomendacji zgodnych ze stylami użytkowników: FireStyle

Nr umowy: POIG.01.04.00-30-196/12-00

Wartość projektu: 14.949.474,00 zł

Udział Unii Europejskiej: 7.879.581,50 zł

Okres realizacji: 2013.01-2014.10

Fundusze Europejskie - dla rozwoju innowacyjnej gospodarki


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    W przyszłości tu będziemy publikowali wyniki badań związanych z tymi zbiorami.

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    Filarem badań w projekcie jest rozbudowa algorytmów związanych z eksploracją danych i tu również pojawią się wyniki badań.

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    Budowa reguł związanych z istnieniem pojęcia stylu będzie wymagała zbudowania funkcji podobieństwa obiektów i stylów.