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For many - wonderful place to visit.
Discover France in an unusual way, choosing the rocky hills of rustic provence over the plush Parisian galleries as the gateway.

For years, you can be learning to appreciate the languid life of southern France and its sundry delights - exquisite wines, magnificent castles, vibrant cuisine and lush natural surroundings, result? Your  heart may stay on the Rhone!
You should try to drive to France via Monaco. It's amazing view  with the contrast as the high-rises of "the Miami of the Mediterranean" give way seamlessly to Provence, embedded in the local landscape in a subtle, sensuous yet dignified way. Of course you may prefer tiny eateries serving the best  farm-to-table meals to the Monegasque restaurants with their wonders of world cuisine. Cheese just delivered by Jean, fruit picked in the morning by Jacques, Clement's truffles from the forest and wine fetched from  Berenique's cellar. You'll simply love it.
It takes maturity to fall head over heels from for southern France. But you can also see it as all just a pretty picture and still enjoy it-take a trip to Cannes for the beaches, star -studded restaurants and smart boulevard teeming with media darling, or to nearby Nice, which offers similar thrills at friendlier prices. Take in Saint-Tropez, famed home of French cinema's hilarious gendarmes, led by comic legend Louis de Funes. Or hop into a top-end sports car and drive to Cap d'Antibes, which is dotted with the residences of the rich and famous like the British Crown Jewels are studded with diamonds. You could also visit Toulon, board a yacht and sail unhurriedly via Cassis towards Marseille, making frequent stopovers in the calanques - rocky coves that regularly pierce the shoreline. More than a decade ago, many of these were nude beaches, and before that, hipple communes. And while bathing naked has lost its attraction today, they are still a dream come true for divers and climbers, who can leave the deck to go up or down in pursuit of their passion.
But it is lovely with routes along the back roads of Province. Grasse, the famous perfume center. Veering into the charming town of Chateauvert, a climber's dream with a gurgling river cutting into a well-hidden canyon. Barjols, a tiny town in which you can count 11 fountains, all resembling giant mushrooms covered in green garlands. These are always  surrounded by a crisp, yet strangely humid air. During an annual hedonistic pilgrimages, it's nice to sit in their shade to sip coffee with croissant, or to taste the plat du jour.
It's amazing to drive into voluminous Verdon Gorge, or into the Luberon Massif, whose forests, dotted with imposing limestone ridges, have provided painters with inspiration for hundreds of years. Later it's possible to stopover at an auberge tucked under a white rock in Buoux for a rabbit cassoulet, before driving across to nearby Apt, much -vaunted by Peter Mayle in his books, to pop into the local market for olives. Rousillon, whose rocks resemble an impressionist's palette of mixed ochre, carmines and burnt sienna, also demands a stop. Later it's good to explore the scenic route winding through the fringe of jagged, dragon 's - teeth rocks of Dentelles de Montmirall, where every village is home to artisans of the grape whose wines are work of genius. When you stop at Vacqueyars, where every now and then you'll come across caves housing the wine cellars of the vineyards climbing the local hills. Stepping inside for a tasting, the bottles are cracked open and at the first sip, the wine tastes sour. Once seeing expression of the tourits's face the owner approached and said "Mon Dieu, why such hurry! Let the bouquet develop!". Then she talked to him about the vineyard, her family business. After a while, the wine in the glass had become full-bodied, developing the deep purple color and firm structure that makes it perfect addition to Provencal cuisine - rustic and fresh.
The next step should be Languedoc. In Nimes, where denim was invented and has its own museum, you can find a city fitted by Romans with a breath-taking coliseum and the picturesque Pont du Gard aqueduct. But you shoul to escape into the quiet canyons near Millau, where two wild gorges - The Gorge du Tarn and Gorge du Jointe - meet in a shade of Europe's tallest viaduct. Both canyons are perfect for climbers, canoeists and paragliders. And if you're partial to luxury and good cuisine, there are scores of tiny castles-turned-hotels clinging to the rocky walls along the narrow Tarn river. The journey then carries on via  picturesque Roquefort, where the salty, tangy cheese that goes so well with heavier wine is made. You should later drive towards the Pyrenees to Carcassonne, to delve into the history of the Cathars, apostates who helped usher in the Renaissance period. O say that the castle they build is imposing is an understatement, with its double walls, gates, barbicans, and more than 50 fortified towers, it's n' surprise to learn that it also played a major part in Kevin Costner's 1991 take on the Robin Hood legend.
The pilgrimage to southern France reaches its conclusion in the French Catalonian coastal towns of Banyul-sur-Mer, Colioure, Port Vendres and Canet. Once there, tucking into the delicious fresh local seafood, you have to look out across the waves and plan the next trip to the French south.  Cause once you've been there, you'll come back.

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