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So often passing the streets or malls I do observe people, because I’m fascinating of them. People are so different, and in the same time they are so similar each other. As I can see not each and every one would have own style.

There are so many people wearing not classic way but putting on what is fashionable this season. So we do differ each other physically and mentally but we wear often the same things from the same shops. What is sad actually. If it is so hard to find right clothes to express own style and even point of view it is also not easy to find the style as a couple. Of course there is no need to copy and to be copied by boyfriend or girlfriend of ours, but it’s quite frequent that pairs thinks and acts in similar way. That’s why two people love each other and are couple! But it is frequent as well that they can’t express their individuality and their mutual point of fashion. It seems cramped because there are shops on two levels presenting male and female clothes, so if someone wants to  by the same fashion clothes that’s easy. Of course it is not always the problem: when we go to work to the office there is no need to prepare similar trend, but when we go outside it would be good to create the unity in clothes as well. Jeans and T-shirt with trainers while a girlfriend wears dress with high heel shoes  is not good idea. Maybe now is the season to create the trend for couples: be a pair and dress in the same fashion. Make the decision and present your own style!

Projekt POIG.01.04.00-30-196/12

Tytuł projektu: Zbudowanie prototypu innowacyjnego systemu rekomendacji zgodnych ze stylami użytkowników: FireStyle

Nr umowy: POIG.01.04.00-30-196/12-00

Wartość projektu: 14.949.474,00 zł

Udział Unii Europejskiej: 7.879.581,50 zł

Okres realizacji: 2013.01-2014.10

Fundusze Europejskie - dla rozwoju innowacyjnej gospodarki


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